Neglected Animal Husbandry

The Department of Animal Husbandry is perhaps the most neglected department of the Government so much so that appears to be outside the fold where rules, regulations, procedures and precedence are neither known nor  observed. What seems to be ruling the roost in this department is favouritism and pick and choose policy and that too go unopposed and unquestioned. Various cadres of functionaries in the department one and all complain of stagnation and no movement forward.  The departmental promotion committee is not holding meetings to consider the promotion of deserving officers which has created disgruntlement among the deserving staff. Opportunities of periodical promotion are an incentive for the employees allowed by the Government. But here is the AH Department where despondency and bleak future are what the employees are constantly complaining about.  There are examples in both regions of Kashmir and Jammu that some officers are holding the charge of one or even two more positions because ad hoc-ism is the game which has become the norm for the State Government though the general instructions are no adhoc appointments would be made by the administration.
The Animal Husbandry Department also suffers from lack of rules and procedures of transfer of functionaries. Transfers are made arbitrarily and blue eyed boys are given the postings of their choice.   Moreover there is no creation/ expansion of the departmental institutions like veterinary dispensaries, veterinary hospitals and high tech labs etc which are being run through internal arrangements only.
We fail to understand why the higher authorities of the department and the minister concerned have adopted unconcerned attitude towards the significance of the department. A vast population of the State is engaged in agrarian activity which means they depend on livestock for their sustenance. How can we improve and modernize the activity of live sock keeping and breeding is what the concerned officers and experts should consider. In western countries Animal Husbandry is a highly modernized industry which contributes to national income. We need to study their methods of improving and modernizing entire animal husbandry study and research system so as to bring it up as a modernized and developed system adding to the prosperity of our rural population. The Minister concerned has to ensure that rules and regulations are strictly observed in this department and periodic promotions are made through established procedures.


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