Need to understand Rohingya background or could be dangerous: RSS

BHOPAL, Oct 14: Observing that the issue of Rohingya migrants escaping military crackdown in Myanmar is serious, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Saturday underlined the need for understanding the reason behind their expulsion.
“No Government in the world takes steps filled with animosity unnecessarily. The Myanmar Government felt that their presence is creating problems, and thus it expelled them,” said RSS Sarkaryavah Suresh Bhaiyya Joshi while replying to a query during a press conference organised here at the end of the RSS’ three-day national executive board meeting.
“Significantly, Rohingya migrants did not get refuge anywhere else although China, Indonesia and other countries that are much closer. Therefore, a review is needed on the reason behind their migration.
Based on this understanding, other countries should form their policies,” he said.
Claiming that Rohingya migrants are choosing to settle in Jammu and Hyderabad, Mr Joshi said that those who have arrived have got their ‘Aadhar’ and PAN cards made while their names have been included in the voters’ list.
“It seems that they have not come to take shelter. Rather, they have come under a conspiracy. Unfortunately, there is no proper mechanism to examine it. We have never turned refugees or exiled people. Nonetheless, it is necessary to understand their background or else it could be dangerous for the country,” he averred.
The RSS Sarkaryavah pointed out that the norm in other countries is that arrangements for refugees are made near the borders, they are registered and they are asked to return after a certain period of time.
“There is a limit to providing shelter on humanitarian grounds. No foreign citizen should be allowed to live in the country after a certain period.
They have come here, so arrangements should be made for them for some time. However, they should leave after a certain period,” he added. (UNI)


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