NC blames BJP for unleashing politics of hate

Excelsior Correspondent
RS PURA, Feb 2: State Vice President National Conference Women Wing Bimla Luthra has blamed the BJP for unleashing politics of hate to create drift between the people to further its myopic political agenda.
Addressing workers, Luthra said duplicity and hypocrisy has been BJP’s core policy, which is needed to be fought by maintaining unity and communal amity at all costs.
Luthra asked the BJP to account for its failures to the people of Jammu instead of provoking them by raising emotive slogans. Generating passions on religious and regional issues is an obsolete tactic to carve out its lost space, she said adding that the BJP has lost its relevance in Jammu. She said the people will never ever forgive the BJP for its betrayal and trampling their trust.
Speaking on the occasion, former MLA Dr Gagan Bhagat took the BJP head on for pursuing divisive agenda and creating drift among the people on the basis of religion and caste. He blamed the BJP for pursuing self-centric agenda during its misrule in the state for over three years.
Dr Bhagat urged the people to remain vigilant against the divisive elements who want to divide the society in the name of region and religion. He said National Conference is inheriting a legacy of communal harmony, which is not only needed to be sustained but promoted in a big way as well to isolate the peace inimical elements.
Those who were present in the meeting were Jyoti Devi, Santosh Kumari, Rani Devi, Samshad Begum, Dilshad Bano, Telki, Mrs Veena Devi and others.


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