Navy building potent air element

CHENNAI, June 9: The Indian Navy was building a modern and a potent air element to add punch to its prowess at sea with new acquisitions, Vice-Admiral Sunil Lanba, Chief of Staff, Headquarters, Eastern Naval Command, said today.
“Besides, long range aircraft like TU and forthcoming P8-I that extend our reach, it is the helicopters being integral to the ships which are force multipliers to surface platforms, adding to the fleet’s lethal punch”, he said in his address after reviewing the Passing Out Parade of the 78th Helicopter Conversion Course at Naval Air Station, INS Rajali at Arakkonam about 70 km from here.
He said to achieve this, the Navy required trained manpower and pilots, who were the vital links in the integration of man and machine.
“These human assets are far more valuable than the aircraft because it takes years to build up the flying skill and the desired professional competence”, he added.
The Vice-Admiral said the helicopter stream of the Indian Navy was one of the most challenging dimension of the Navy wherein operation from decks was closely integrated with the ship’s team.
“Vagaries of sea demand a great deal on skill and proficiency for mission success without compromising safety,” he said.
Noting that competent pilots were the ones who make aircraft potent, Vice Admiral Sunil Lanba said “it is always the man behind the machine who makes the difference.
“Aircraft are expensive assets and trained pilots are even more so,’he observed.
He said the new graduates were the future of Naval and Coast Guard aviation and much of what Naval aviation would be in the years to come, would depend on them.
“The new qualification also brings in additional responsbility of commitment, professionalism and dedication which is as much required in the cockpit as well as out of it,’ he said.


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