Nav Durga Kala Manch stages ‘Kabab Mein Haddi’

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Sept 14: Nav Durga Kala Manch staged one of the comedy plays of Balwant Gargi titled as ‘Kabab Mein Haddi’ at its Performing Art Studio, Jammu.
Directed by Aaditya Bhanu, the play is based on the story of three friends—Naseem, Jameela and their friend Safdar. Naseem is in love with Jameela, who is living in the girl’s hostel whereas Naseem and Safdar are living in a rented accommodation.
In spite of having any space, they both meet in Safdar’s house very rarely because Jameela’s hostel warden is very strict and hardly allow her to meet his fiancée.
However, one day they plan to go to their favourite place but when they step out, Safdar makes his unnecessary entry and offers to guide them throughout their outing. Both try to convince him that they can move on their own but this foolish friend is not ready to buy their arguments and forcefully accompanies them.
The real comedy starts when Safdar spoils their romantic moment by creating nonsense. His guidance irritates them and the moment he sees that they are irritated; he tries to be closer to them with the intention to ease out their tension and conflict.
Finally they get an opportunity to meet but the same is spoiled by their sincere friend. In fact Safdar sincerely wants to help both but his overwhelming concern creates dramatic turn in the story.
Dilshad Shazi as Safdar, Tarun Sudershan Vasson as Naseem and Reetu Manhas as Jameela played their respective roles brilliantly.
Lights were executed by Kamaljeet Singh, music was handled by Parveen Sharma while makeup was done by Reetu Manhas. The presentation was done by Kibu Bharat.


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