Natrang stages play ‘Girgit’

A scene from the play ‘Girgit’ staged at Mughal Garden, Verinag in Anantnag.
A scene from the play ‘Girgit’ staged at Mughal Garden, Verinag in Anantnag.

Excelsior Correspondent

ANANTNAG, May 19: Theatre group Natrang here today staged Hindi play ‘Girgit’ at Mughal Garden, Verinag.
Directed by Neeraj Kant, the play ‘Girgit’ is based on a Russian short story by Anton Chekhov and it revolves around a Dog and corrupt Police Officer, who changes colours like a chameleon, every time as the situation changes irrespective of right or wrong.
The stage action starts when a Dog bites a pickpocket who approaches the officers to help him to roundup owner but all in vain.
A passerby hints that the dog belongs to the local Minister as he saw a similar dog moving around his Bungalow. On getting his clue, the officer starts beating the pickpocket for teasing a respectable dog. The officer claims that dog of a Minister cannot bite unless and until forced to do so.
While he is beating the pickpocket, another man from the crowd observes that the local Minister cannot keep such dog, as he is known to have pointer-hunting dogs only. On this, the dog is thrashed and search continues for the owner of the dog to enable the pickpocket to claim the compensation.
The beating of dog continues until a servant of the Minister appears on the scene. At first he refuses to recognize the dog but later identifies him as Minister’s brother’s dog who has visited from Delhi. Here the dog is escorted back home with full official protocol.
Artists who performed in the play were Brijesh Avtar Sharma, Aadesh Dhar, Neeraj Kant, Sanket Bhagat, Kushal Bhat, Vansh Pandotra, Vishal Sharma, Mihir Gujral, Vandana Thakur, Priya Kashyap, Subash Jamwal and Mohd. Yaseen.