Natrang presents ‘Piano Vaadak’ in Sunday Theatre Series

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A scene from ‘Piano Vaadak’, a play in Hindi presented by Natrang in its Sunday Theatre Series.
A scene from ‘Piano Vaadak’, a play in Hindi presented by Natrang in its Sunday Theatre Series.

JAMMU, Dec 21: ‘Piano Vaadak’ (Piano player), a new play in Hindi based on a Russian story of Anton Chekhov dramatized by Satyendra Sharat and directed by Neeraj Kant was presented here today at Natrang Studio Theatre in its weekly Sunday Theatre Series. The intellectual and thoughtful warmth of the play was good to counter the coldest day of the city and was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by the audience. The story of the play very beautifully depicted the situation and humiliation which the artists, who have not been successful in making name, glory and money, have to face.  The callous materialistic society values the status of a person much more than his intellect, talent and ability. The play unfolds the condition of two genuine struggling artists (one writer and one musician) but it speaks about all those who are consistently trying to sustain their identity with lot of efforts but still can not muster the respectability and status which they deserve. The unreceptive circumstances make them adjust in order to survive but this compromise kills them from within and converts them to clerks and subordinates rather than artists. The pianist is invited to score music in a very big party organized by a high status man for the high status gentry was belittled by one and all, not because he did not know his art well, but just because he appeared too ordinary to be a part of that party. Some of the ladies approached him, showered fake praises and then embarrassed him at the same time with their true reflections about him. This insult shocks him deeply. He narrates the whole story to his writer friend in despair who is also in a miserable and pathetic condition as he is and they both console each other. The emotional quotient of the play was very well translated on stage by the young artists. Natrang actors who performed in the play include Masood Qadir, Sachin Bamba, Ashwani Bali, Amit Raina, Namrata Chib, Juhi Singh, Kritika Singh Bhau and Deepshikha Sharma. The lights of the play were designed and executed by Neeraj Kant. The show was coordinated by Mohd Yaseen whereas Sumeet Sharma did the presentations.


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