National Law University

There are reports that the Government is seriously considering establishing of a National Law University in the State. In fact a team of the Law Department led by the Minister of Law has left for Bangalore to study the inception of Law University and its pre-requisites. It is a good idea to have a Law University in the State. Many states in the country have already incepted the universities and it is time that J&K also follows the suite.
Law has assumed much more significance today that it had in previous times. The reason is that many new dimensions of social interaction have been thrown up by changed times, changed economy and changed social needs. Law has also opened up to many dimensions. For example, the research wing has assumed great importance in the study of law. It is not enough just to know what laws and clauses will apply to curb drug addiction. It is also necessary to know the causes and the evolution of drug addiction among the adolescent and the youth. At the same time it is necessary to help the Government with suggestions and remedial measures. In the same way take the Human Rights laws. Human Rights have become a very important subject in present times. Its dimensions are unfolding with the passing of each decade and new situations and phenomenon unfold for study and research. The contemplated Law University will be a very attractive institution which will throw up students with far better understanding legal nuances. There would be also super-specialized courses in Business Law, Corporate Governance, Human Rights, Medical Law, Disability Law, Environmental Law, Cyber Law and IP Law.


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