National Commission for Homoeopathy

“Like cures like”, the basis of a medical treatment system dating back to more than two hundred years with origin in Germany is gaining global acceptability as a therapeutic system with the common parlance of “with no side effects” is no less popular in India. Those small white sweet pills or drops of “high potency” or “mother tincture” liquid medicine dissolved in water to treat diseases is known to most of us. Like other branches of treatment, Homoeopathy too has a regulatory mechanism in the country.
We have, as such, a Central Council for Homoeopathy as a regulator of the entire system of this branch of medical treatment. However to replace it with a new body to ensure more transparency, the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister NarendraModi on December 28 approved the draft National Commission for Homoeopathy Bill 2018. The Bill provides for the constitution of the Commission with three autonomous Boards entrusted with conducting overall education of Homoeopathy by Homoeopathy Education Board. Many related issues right from rating to assess and grant permission to educational institutions of Homoeopathy and Board of Ethics and registration of practitioners and ethical issues relating to practice are slated to be looked after by the proposed Commission.


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