Multiple accommodation for Legislators

This is in reference to the 09/11 DE news item regarding the occupation of multiple accommodations by our Legislators who call themselves as servants prior to the elections and become masters later on. The power, position, perks, facilities, the opportunities and avenues of becoming multimillionaire overnight is proving a big temptation for the persons with muscle and money power who easily manage the candidature of the winning political party by offering the highest bid. They know that one time investment in the politics yields life time benefits. The Legislators are supposed to be the mouth pieces of public grievances, watch dogs of the state exchequer, custodians of public property. There is big contrast between what they take oath of and what they do thereafter. In the place of discharging their duties as assigned by the constitution, uplifting the plight of the people, providing facilities needed for healthful living, ensuring the desired development of their constituencies, majority of our legislators prefer minting money. They must know that Jammu and Kashmir state is the poor state which stands at number one in corruption and at number two among the highest receivers of central grant. The whole state is reeling under poverty, unemployment, inadequate health facilities, power shortage, absence of industrialization, lack of connectivity and educational opportunities. The problem of resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits, Refugees from POK, regularization of the daily wagers and contractual employees needs be tackled with the meager resources of income of the State. Retaining four Governmental accommodations by each legislator in comparison of those who have none is a biggest sin in the eyes of God they worship and the spirit of the constitution they take oath of. The amount which the estate department is uselessly paying for the multiple accommodation of our covetous legislators can be utilized for other number of welfare programs for the poor. There is one suggestion our Legislators must act upon. Please prove yourself as assets for the poor state not the liability.
Yours etc…
Shiv Kumar Padha


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