MUKHBIR: A book beyond cliches and stereotypes

Rahul Gupta
Many books have been written so far about the security forces and their intricate role in Jammu and Kashmir . However, It is rare to find a book which moves beyond cliches and stereotypes to portray a narrative that truly reflects the ground realities of this conflict prone province, and ,it is even rarer , to find such a literary work in Hindi language.
“Mukhbir” written by Colonel Sushil Tanwar, a serving decorated Indian Army officer has filled this glaring void with a a poignant collection of short stories that transports the reader to a fascinating world of complex human emotions.

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The book has seventeen stories , based in Jammu and Kashmir, each of which brings to life not only the operational aspects of security forces but also the daily experiences of common man
The author has many years of experience in Jammu and Kashmir and It is not surprising that the book is being widely acclaimed for its realistic description of intelligence operations and the human emotions involved therein. Author’s nuanced approach to story telling, his acute depiction of local culture, razor sharp sketches of characters and use of simple prose immediately strikes a personal chord with reader.
The 192-page book also gives the readers a vivid account of the various dimensions of the rich heritage of Jammu & Kashmir.
While “Love Jihad” captures the roller coaster ride of a Pakistani terrorist who falls in love with a girl in Kashmir, “Sena Medal” takes the readers for a deep immersive dive into the mind of a Rashtriya Rifles Company Commander.
An eclectic cocktail of seemingly true tales, ‘Mukhbir’ effortlessly takes one on a pleasantly riveting journey, and captures the moral dillemas and emotional trappings of not only the security forces , but also of the various segments of local population in Jammu and Kashmir.
Whether it is the story of budding cricketer Zakir Ahmed Wani in “Twenty Twenty” or the travails of Captain Swathi Nair in “Yeh Manzil Nahin Aaasan”, the reader intimately identifies with the characters, and, finds himself involved in the skillfully weaved plot.
The book is a must read for anyone who is intrigued by the shadowy world of intelligence operations or has an interest either in Jammu and Kashmir, or the Indian Armed Forces.
“Mukhbir”, has been published by the famous Delhi based Publishers Rajpal and Sons (Email (
It is also readily available on all major e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart.
The book will certainly be a welcome addition to any book shelf.