Mufti urges people of Srinagar to join movement for change

Excelsior Correspondent

PDP patron, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed addressing a public meeting at Hazratbal.
PDP patron, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed addressing a public meeting at Hazratbal.

SRINAGAR, Dec 3: Exhorting electors to participate in voting in the ensuing assembly elections here, Opposition PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed today said larger participation of the city’s “emancipated” residents would add “credibility and prestige” to the democratic process.
“Srinagar being the intellectual and political nerve centre of the State cannot remain aloof from the urge for change that is sweeping J&K and the active participation of Srinagar in the political process for change will add credibility and prestige to it,” Sayeed said.
He was addressing a public meeting in Hazratbal assembly segment here to garner support for party candidate Asiya Naqash.
The People’s Democratic Party patron said the aloofness of Srinagar from democratic process has resulted in political disempowerment of its people which has led its beneficiaries to take them for granted.
“Elect your representatives through vote and then make them accountable and see how things will start improving. The people of Srinagar owe it to themselves and fellow countrymen, not to let their power to determine the State’s destiny be used by default by any party for indulging in exploitative politics,” he said.
He urged the youths of the summer capital of the State to get actively involved in political decision-making to ensure empowerment of the enterprising young population of the city.
“I am sure the realisation has dawned on the citizens of Srinagar that by remaining aloof from the political and democratic processes, they are causing more harm to themselves than anybody else. Let that not happen this time,” he said.
“Unfortunately Srinagar city has always remained victim of the NC’s systematic neglect and misrule and the party has been only exploiting the historical city for its political gains. The urban chaos and underdevelopment which the city is facing is all because of the rulers who have been calling it their safety structure and safe house,” he said.
He said Srinagar hardly gives a feel of any modern city and there was chaos everywhere because of the NC’s “misrule and mismanagement”.
“There is an urgency to develop Srinagar on modern lines especially in the wake of the devastation caused by September floods. PDP would not only take up the challenge of rebuilding Srinagar as a smart city with planned infrastructure like roads, flyovers, drainage network and other basic amenities, but would ensure the financial and social security of its residents as well,” he said.
The former Chief Minister said the focus of the post-flood rehabilitation in Srinagar would be on rebuilding of the city’s economy and restoration of the livelihood of its people.
Sayeed said Srinagar should be transformed into a modern city without destroying its heritage.
“PDP has a vision to develop Srinagar in a manner that tourists feel attracted to prolong their stay here and go round not just Dal lake and Mughal Gardens but tour the interiors of the city to see its distinct life, culture and heritage. Such a planned development will create immense opportunities of growth for the youth of the city,” he said.


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