MP moves ‘State sponsor of terror’ bill in RS

NEW DELHI: Against the backdrop of repeated terror attacks originating from Pakistan, an MP today moved in Rajya Sabha a Private Members’ Bill which seeks to declare any such country as State sponsor of terrorism and provides for snapping all economic and trade relations with that nation.

While moving for consideration ‘The Declaration of Countries as Sponsor of Terrorism Bill, 2016’, Independent member Rajeev Chandrasekhar said it “seeks to call out states like Pakistan that continue to associate, promote, patronise and sponsor terrorism against our nation,”

The Bill seeks to declare any country as state sponsor of terrorism and provides for withdrawing economic and trade relations with such a country and creating legal, economic and travel sanctions for citizens of that country and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

“For decades, India and other countries in the region have been victims of terror attacks from organisations and individuals based in and with the support of elements in Pakistan. Yet for decades we have remained engaged with Pakistan in an attempt to draw it into the mainstream.

“This Bill is to finally put into motion the process of calling terror sponsors to account,” Chandrasekhar said. (AGENCIES)


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