Mother, above all

Er  J R Aryan

Some one has beautifully remarked, “An honest man is the noblest work of God’’. I, very confidently, feel and expect no body to deny that a mother is a true messenger from the heavens, a unique and unprecedented blessing of the mother nature and a supreme creation of the Almighty for all the living beings on the earth or elsewhere to make them truly understand through the soft motherly lulls and touches,what love and affection is all about. Right from her womb as she conceives, she bears, cares and endears us, and her affection and love proceeds and never recedes even with an iota of difference, upto her last breath.
It is also very true that providence- the mother nature, as it is usually called, is the supreme mother of the entire life of the universe who sent down a divine gift, our mother, to us all as Her true messenger, to propagate true affection, love and care on the earth to make us aware of feelings of a mother for which no price can be fixed. It is invaluable. A mother is a Supreme Treasure of affection solace, sympathy and pleasure in a family to regulate it with care, caution and cheer, as she is the best maker and care taker of young ones from their cradle to their full youth and even after, as she never ceases to play her motherly role upto her last breath, even if her son or daughter would have reached the stage of wrinkles writ large on their faces. Teenage also known as green age of a young one, the most sensitive and tender part of life,  is closely watched and taken care of by the prominent role of a mother who plays a crucials pivotal part to mould her son or daughter at this stage or turning point; as she is a mother to do what she has been assigned to do by the Mother Nature which no one else can have the capacity or patience to perform.
The first dose of nourishment a newly born screening child receives from this mother is through the first breast-feeding or suckling, together with the motherly affectionate solace, caresses and touch which by and by rocks him to comfortable sleep. It is a mother who has to sail through sleepless  nights just to lull her child to fall asleep at many times and she never feels tired rather finds solace and grace to keep her baby at ease and comfort, despite her all unexpressed fatigue. A mother’s role is really supreme, praiseworthy and beggars no description.
Be it sweltering heat or freezing cold, any stress or strain,  a journey in rough or plain, amidst any joy or pain, weal or woe, through thick or thin, she is always with her children and family to encourage them with all her energy, mind and healthy suggestions and other humane values to act like a pillar to sustain and maintain the family structure from buckling. It is said that a mother’s blessing or pat on the back is an enormous force to set one on the right course to achieve success and divorce access to harmful nexus. A mother’s good wish goes to extinguish all the anguish of her children and the nearest and dearest ones.
It is said if you have one child you are a parent and having two or more makes you a refree. This is very true in respect of a mother than a father, as she has always to act like a refree for any dispute or squabble, be it between the kids itself  or between them and their papa. Her affectionate Cord binds them together to dismiss the quarrel. As per a folk story once a youngman having fallen in a wrong nexus was asked to kill his mother and get her liver (Kaleja) to offer to the boss of the gang so that the youngman shall become 2nd in command. The youngman killed his mother and was on his way towards the gang centre with his mother’s liver in hand when he suddenly stumbled and fell down with an injury causing  profuse bleeding, when he, to his utmost surprise, heard his mother’s voice saying. “My dear, did you get injured? Do you have pain? Don’t worry it shall subside soon’’. The voice came to be heard as  if from the liver of mother having fallen aside. Even after the death the mother’s soul was there to console and share his pain and guide him. This is only mother and none other.
A mother mothers in all the weathers. Her love is all above, pure, real plain, selfless, magnanimous, unmatched, gorgeous crystal clear, concealingly radiant, serene, unspeakingly expressive, penetratingly soft and, of course, of heavenly touch. Scientific studies also reveal that there is a specific natural link between a mother and her child. A mother’s soft caress or fondle carries numerous calories of warmth and affection to her child which significantly add to his development and nourishment so much so that the baby recognizes (makes out)  his mother under the sense of touch. A mother’s loveful kiss, pat or caress nurtures the biological development of his brain and central nervous system and at the same time a child’s touch, smile, or playful rocking activity inturn boosts mother’s courage, stamina and adds ounces of blood to her. This is really His great natural Biology.
Is it not a great wonder of the Almighty or the providence that a married girl having conceived a child to likely become a mother does develop within her breasts the most balanced diet namely milk  for the baby even months before the baby is born. Is it not a blessing from the Mother Nature to the mother on earth?
A mother is undoubtedly above all in showing her true affection, blessings, sympathy and solace to her off-spring for their growth, wellbeing and happiness.
Thus a mother is a unique heavenly boon to every living being whatever he be and wherever he be, to nourish him and to cherish him, to nurture him, culture him, to roost him and to boost him, to guide him and side him towards better ideas and values so long as she survives.
In a nutshell there is none else like mother.


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