More tinkering labs in J&K

For promoting and encouraging innovative attitude among students it was necessary to review the existing infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir and augment it for achieving better results. It is also important that assessment of ground realities were made by on the spot visits of schools by the concerned authorities so as to accelerate the implementing process of those schemes like Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) specially tailored for the purpose. In this connection, it is heartening to note that in addition to the ones existing, 500 more laboratories in the schools of Jammu and Kashmir were going to be established in the next couple of years. The idea being to allow enough scope and space to students with innovative and creative minds to not only display their talent but provide an inspiration to other students as well. It is only innovative mindset and the talent of young students that excel in the coming years and prove of immense import not only to individuals but the society and the nation on the whole .
Schemes like Atal Innovation Mission, therefore, are more important when we see how some vultures in human form in Jammu and Kashmir very often lure young students to committing crime, join militant ranks and to get tempted to the drug use. In this connection, the Mission Director AIM, NITI Aayog New Delhi and other connected authorities and Innovation Leads visiting Boys Higher Secondary School Budgam in Kashmir carries lot of message about the efficacy and the need of the AIM to be taken to each and every school across Jammu and Kashmir. The students displaying their innovative talent and models on the occasion of the visit of the NITI Aayog team and sharing their experiences and challenges while working on these innovations with the visiting officers amply throws light on the fact that such schemes are not existing on papers only but implementation too is there though the ample scope to accelerate the process needs to be taken care of. More labs therefore, were going to produce encouraging results.