Modi speaks of non-discrimination and equality

PM leaving for Chennai to take stock of situation
PM leaving for Chennai to take stock of situation

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today spoke of the message of non-discrimination and equality as he reached out to journalists at a ‘diwali milan’ at the BJP headquarters here.
Hailing Indian festivals as occasions which give a new inspiration to society, he said “The festival of lights (Deep Parva) is also a part of it. There is no discrimination in it. It also strengthens the value of equality.”
Speaking about mass connect of festivals including the Kumbh fair, Modi said “In our society, festivals in themselves are a big strength, which give the society a new momentum, energy and enthusiasm.
“A number of stories can be generated if its social and economic aspects are analysed. For instance the gathering on the banks of the Ganges during the Kumb Mela is so huge as if there some small European country there,” he said.
After his brief remarks from the podium, the Prime Minister stepped down to go around freely shaking hands with the assembled journalists, some of whom took selfies with him.
It was a repeat of the scenes like last year when Modi reached out to journalists on a similar occasion. Again he was was literally mobbed by them during the informal interaction.
The Prime Minister said that this year’s diwali milan got delayed due to his busy schedule. “Had it not been done now, one may have had to wait till Christmas.”
BJP Chief Amit Shah wished a great year for the country’s democratic traditions.
Referring to the two-day long debate in Parliament to commemorate the Constitution Day and the 125th birth anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar, Shah said that Parliament has unanimously placed the supremacy of the Constitution above all.
“Our effort will be to take this spirit down the line to people and make even the weakest person in the society aware of the Constitutional rights by next year along with the help of all parties and media,” Shah said. (PTI)


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