Modi Govt sensitive; aware of concerns of industries: Shah


NEW DELHI, Sept 17: Trying to allay apprehensions of India Inc, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday said the Modi government is “sensitive” and looking into the difficulties being faced by businessmen, including those related to reforms initiatives.

Shah also attributed to some of the problems being faced by industries due to the global economic slowdown.

“I understand your difficulties, your apprehensions. There may be uncertainties. But it is a sensitive and non-corrupt government,” he said addressing an event of the All India Management Association (AIMA).

Talking about the reforms initiatives taken by the government, Shah said there may be some initial problems but such difficulties will be over soon. He asked industries to face them as “they will bring overall good for everyone”.

“There were some teething problems in the GST. But tell me in which big decision there is no theething problems. But we have been able to collect over Rs 1 lakh crore (in a single month) on many occasions. There may be a need to take a few corrective steps.

“You have to undergo little difficulties initially but at the end reforms brings the larger good,” he said.

Shah said the government was putting in place rules and regulations without any fair and favour.

“You may have apprehensions that so many inquiries. But rule of law has to be brought,” he said.

Shah said the government wants to expedite industrial activities and trying to provide all assistance, including proving a suitable platform to startups.

“We are trying to help you… but there is a global slowdown too,” he said.

The home minister said the Modi government works for the welfare of both the agricultural sector as well as industries.

He asked the AIMA and other industry bodies to come up with suggestions for the government on what to do for the industries.

The government would do its best for the benefit of industries, he said.

Shah urged the AIMA, FICCI and ASSOCHAM to devote more energy for research and development initiatives.

He said the Modi government was not run by bureaucrats but by political executives.

“The political leadership takes the policy decisions and the bureaucrats implement them,” he said,

He said India was marching towards achieving the target of becoming a five trillion dollars economy.

“India has to be a five trillion dollars economy by 2024 and we will surely be one by then,” he said. (PTI)


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