Model slams Kendall Jenner in open letter

LONDON, Dec 1:  Reality TV star-model Kendall Jenner has been slammed over her rise to fame in an open letter from a transgender model.
Arisce Wanzer wrote the piece and pointed out that many models struggle from deprived upbringings to make it in the fashion industry yet the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians ‘star seems to have become successful through nepotism, reported Contacmusic.
The lengthy letter, which was posted on Theblot.Com, features several cutting comments including hints that Kardashian’s infamous sex tape is the only reason Jenner is famous.
One extract reads, “Isn’t that a reality TV star over there in hair and makeup? Yea, that’s definitely a Kardashian or something. What is she doing here? Did she take the subway? Was she at the casting? What agency is she with? I didn’t see her last season.
“Does she need More fame? More money? A green card perhaps? Doesn’t she get enough cash from that show that all of ignorant America glamorises? Didn’t her sister have sex with someone on camera and profit from the video sales to get their family its new line of limelight?
“Her mommy surely called a top agency, got her in the door and the design houses just chose to milk her fame like the cash cow that it is. One by one like dominos from Vogue to Givenchy, fashion is selling out to the ignorant masses for money,” Wanzer wrote.
Jenner has always vehemently denied using her famous family to further her modelling career. (PTI)


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