Menthol declines on reduced offtake

NEW DELHI, Mar 1: Menthol prices fell by Rs 15 per kg in the national capital today on reduced offtake by consuming units amid adequate stocks.
Increased arrivals from producing belts in Uttar Pradesh also weighed on menthol prices.
Menthol bold crystal, flake and mentha oil prices fell by Rs 15 each to settle at Rs 990, Rs 960 and Rs 850 per kg, respectively.
Traders said weak demand from consuming industries against increased arrivals from producing belts mainly pulled down menthol prices on the wholesale chemical market here.
The following are today’s quotations:
Ammonium chloride (50 kg) Rs 1,200-2,400, Acetic acid (1kg) Rs 62-72, Ammonia bicarb (25 kg) Rs 500-800, Boric acid technical (50 kg) Rs 4,500-5,000, Borex granular (50 kg) Rs 2,300-2,600.
Caustic soda flake (50 kg) Rs 2,000-2,100, Citric acid (50 kg) (China) Rs 3,600-4,200, Citric acid deshi (50 kg) Rs 3,800-4,500, Camphor slab (1 kg) Rs 450, Camphor powder (1kg) Rs 400, Glycerine (1 kg) Rs 120-185, Hexamine (1kg) Rs 95, Hydrogen peroxide (1 kg) Rs 40-50, menthol bold crystal (per kg) Rs 990, menthol flake (1 kg) Rs 960 and mentha oil (1kg) Rs 850. (AGENCIES)


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