Meeting Lockdown challenge

Though Lockdown has been extended to May 3, it will help us in fighting the deadly virus. But we have to keep in view other fallouts of its extension. It will increase unemployment among a vast section of society. How long Govts and our social organisations will come to their help? National and International economic organisations do believe that Indian economic growth will go down to 2 percent from its present 5 percent. Our agriculture sector, industry and trade will face huge losses that cannot be compensated in near future. People may suffer from depression and other psychological disorder which will give rise to criminal tendencies in the future. Now the Govt of India needs to deeply examine the present situation and accordingly take decision in the COVID-19 pandemic so that India shall not face situation that prevails in America and Italy. Govts should remain vigilant so that Coronavirus pandemic lockdown will not prove more fatal than COVID-19 in the country. Govt and people of the country should not go for extreme measures, it is better to follow middle path which is the golden one.
S. N Raina


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