Medical seats quota from All India Pool

Call it much awaited or virtually historic decision of the UT Government of Jammu and Kashmir in that aspirants for studying medicine shall now get seats also on quota basis from ‘All India Pool in MBBS and BDS courses . Undoubtedly , there could be no news as happy as this for the aspiring students with lofty ambitions to make practicing of medicine as their career and means of earning livelihood. With the UT administration taking this much longed for decision , it means that apart from the usual quota in the UT , the students can have the leverage of from 800 to 1000 more medical seats in exchange of 15 percent share from each Medical College in J&K earmarked for students for other States /UTs. Earlier , since there was no contribution to the All India pool by the then state hence voluntarily opting out of the scheme to the detriment of the career prospects of hundreds of aspirant students, stands now reversed. By the UT joining the All India Pool, not only opportunities for aspiring students from Jammu and Kashmir of getting admission in Medical Colleges in other states have opened up but probably, exposure to more, rich and varied coaching infrastructure in over 500 Medical and Dental Colleges spread over the country would result in nearly 1000 more medical graduates getting rolled out from these institutions resulting in a new paradigm in medical health care facilities in Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir has otherwise been experiencing , on comparative basis , a turnaround in extending opportunities for more medical education infrastructure to strive for a niche among other states as currently we have eight Medical Colleges and one more coming up shortly with total number of 985 seat on annual basis. On the horizon , is , therefore, a near parity of opportunities now available for the aspirants of the UT with students of most of other states with intent to have more of medical professionals available back home to gradually vastly change for the better the face of medical facilities available in hospitals and other health care institutions.
At the outset, it is expected that shortage of doctors, especially in hospitals and Health Centres in our rural areas, will be minimised if not be fully over within just a few years span by return of such students as trained Doctors. It also throws enough light that such facilities could have been yearned for much earlier and strived to be kept at the disposal of many aspiring students , bright students et-al who, due to limited seats back home could not fulfil their ambitions by availing of the opened up opportunities under the quota from All India Pool. An effective solution to long pending aspirations of deserving candidates has been found with this decision of the UT Government as it is also providing a wide choice to an aspirant to study in comparatively better placed Medical Colleges in the country . Was it on expected lines as a fallout of abrogation of Article 370 as during its currency all these years, it could not happen nor was any move pursued with the Central Government with intent to widen the prospects of opportunities of more students from this part of the country getting seats under the All India Pool quota. The added advantage and the requisite elasticity for the aspiring students is that now they can apply for the same college both through the UT quota as well as All India quota, of course, through NEET examinations .
It is no denying the fact and it being a matter of satisfaction that our students make their presence felt in securing better ranks in the competitive examinations on all India level albeit NEET etc and, therefore, why should they not be allowed to have access to the seats on the All India pool . By all standards and looking into past scenario in respect of availability of seats in Medical colleges in the then state, now more transparency, absence of any political pressures or interference or any type of manipulations would be out of question about which very often, there used to be some measure of fears among the concerned aspirants. More avenues and varied and better opportunities really make a difference especially when it comes to building a career as a medical professional.