Marion Cotillard misses ‘Macbeth’ premiere due to illness

LONDON, Sept 29: French actress Marion Cotillard missed the premiere of her new film “Macbeth” due to illness.
The Oscar-winning actress, 39, plays Lady MACbeth in the gritty adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tragic play, but she was unable to join her co-star Michael Fassbender on the red carpet for the unveiling at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland, reported Contactmusic.
“We are really sad that Marion is not here (at the premiere). She is incredibly ill at the moment and extraordinary in the film so she feels just as bad not being here and celebrating her amazing performance,” said Justin Kurzel, director of the film.
“I don’t think it’s the curse of MACbeth because she dealt with the curse many months ago. I think it’s just her working really hard at the moment. She’s just recovering in bed. She’s in Sweden at the moment. And I think she’s devastated she couldn’t be here.” (PTI)


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