Man-animal conflict

This refers to the advertisement published in the Daily Excelsior in which guidelines have been issued to people to minimize man-animal conflict.
The appeal issued by the Department of Wildlife Protection Jammu for safety of people living near forest areas where people remain vulnerable to attacks by wildlife though noble in intent will not serve much purpose. This is due to absence of newspapers in such areas and lack of education among the residents. It is suggested that the Department should constitute a committee of  four to five members. The members would visit these place and launch an information campagin there. They would also rope in local Panchayats for this purpose. The Panchayats in turn would train people for this purpose.
Besides, some emergency equipments and medicines like tranquilizers be placed at these Panchayats. So that these can be used to tame the  beasts on prowl.
Then there is need to stop ruthless felling of trees in the forests. Poaching should be completely stopped. If food resources are created within the forest range, perhaps the beasts then won’t descend to the plains in search of food. This is a way to minimize  man animal conflicts.
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Rajinder Parihar


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