Make-up Tools

Shahnaz Husain
The art and skill with which make-up is applied depends on some make-up tools. They can make all the difference. Among these are:
These are perfect for applying and blending foundation. They can be used for either liquid or cream base (foundation). In fact, you can also use them for pansticks – the make-up in cake form, to which water must be applied before use. Sponges should be firm and not too soft. Try cutting them on the sides, so that there are no harsh edges.
Powder puffs
Powder puffs are used to apply loose powder. You wrap the puff around your index finger of the hand that you write with. Sprinkle the loose powder in the palm of the opposite hand. In a circular motion, pick up the powder with the puff. Then, gently press and roll as you apply the powder to your face. This method helps to achieve a softer look.
Contour Brushes for Blush On
This brush is shaped on an angle to help you apply your contour powder in the perfect place. They are useful for contouring the face, creating hollows in the cheeks, under your cheekbone. It creates a subtle effect. This brush should be soft, yet firm, so that it places the color on your cheeks gently. If you feel your blush looks too strong, apply some loose powder with your powder puff to soften the effect.
Eyeshadow brush
A flat-tipped square brush helps to apply eye shadow for the overall color. To apply highlighter on the brow bone, a brush with a slight slant helps to put colour on the right place.
Sponge Applicators
They are useful for applying and blending eye shadow. Actually, they are also great for blending or making lines softer. They can be used to smudge eyeliner after application, to achieve a smoky effect. They mostly double-tipped, with the sponges on both sides of the applicator.
Eye pencil brush
A thin, flat tipped brush can be used after using eye pencil, to give a softer effect. Or, use it to apply shadow after using your eye pencil.
Eyelash Curler
This is great to help define eyelashes. Use it before applying mascara. Open the curler, insert your top lashes at the base of the instrument, where the rubber pad is, and close it.
Eyelash comb and brush
An eyelash comb and brush, used after applying mascara, helps to achieve a more natural effect, so that the eyelashes don’t stick together. Usually the eyelash comb and brush is a single applicator, with the comb on one side and the brush on the other. Its also great for combing and brushing eyebrows after plucking them.

Eyebrow brush
If you can get an eyebrow brush, there’s nothing like it. It is angled in a way that helps to shade bare spots in the eyebrows.
Eyebrow Tweezers
They help in plucking out stray hairs and shaping the brows.
Lip brush
A lip brush always helps better application of lipstick. It prevents spreading and one can apply colour on the corners of the lips, which are difficult to reach with the lipstick tube.
Cotton Wool / Tissues
Clean cotton wool helps in brushing off excess powder after application. Tissues help in blotting excess lipstick and in other needs.
Keep your make-up brushes and sponges clean by washing them in warm soapy water once in about ten days. Rinse them thoroughly with plain water afterwards and make sure that they become dry.
Tip: It is better to have some extra brushes, so that you use a clean brush to blend, instead of using the same brush that you use for applying make-up.


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