Make Ashpora PHC functional

Primary Health Centre (PHC) wherever opened should be fully functional both in terms of the provided infrastructure including the minimum but reasonably number of required staff members. Ashpora village in Langate area in North Kashmir’s Handwara district is starved of adequate healthcare facilities with virtually no staff and no diagnostic facilities. For the last 50 years since this PHC Centre was opened, healthcare facilities are clamouring for a change for the better.The residents being the immediate assessment and appraisal mechanism of the goings on in any such institution or its branch like the one under reference, complain that this centre has the ”distinction” of being overlooked by almost all successive Governments. When closely observed , it was found that there were no arrangements for a gynaecologist , no diagnostic equipment like an X-ray and ECG equipment and even no female nurse, no medicines, no pathology testing facility and the like due to which residents of nearly a dozen of villages suffer and have to visit Handwara or Kupwara hospitals . Their time , money and energies are expended for treading long distances to reach these hospitals which could have been avoided . The concerned authorities are urged to look into the issue and find out a solution so that the residents do not suffer any more.