Major impetus to J&K industries

Post abrogation of Article 370 and the COVID-19 pandemic, things have settled down to a greater extent. The focus of the administration is on development projects to augment the existing infrastructure, on par with the rest of India. The second priority is to bring investments into the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. Agriculture and horticulture are the main sources of income and employment in the absence of industries, but they have been stagnant for many years. No associated industry had been there, with the result that despite bumper crops in agriculture and record yields in horticulture, the least avenues of employment for the youth are there. The Administration has formed committees of experts, and their suggestions have been incorporated into Government schemes to develop parallel small and medium-scale industries. For major industrial investments, various steps have been taken, like the Business Reforms Action Plan, ease of doing business, development of new industrial estates, Development of Basic Infrastructure, including roads, power, water, drainage, and sewage treatment at various industrial estates, and handholding of investors to encourage investments. 352 BRAP points have been compiled, 3188 burden compliances have been reduced under BRAP, and 167 services from 18 departments have been provided on the single window portal, major reforms in the industrial policy of UT after decades. The result is a huge anticipated investment of Rs 66,000 crores until now. 500 start-ups have come up, and a Mega Mall is coming up in Srinagar with a foreign investment of 250 crores from a UAE business group. Many more in the hospitality and health sectors are assured again by foreign business groups. Our exotic cinematic locations are some of the best in the world, and the administration is focusing on this aspect as well. The completion of the NH-44 widening, an upcoming Katra-to-Delhi express highway, and the completion of the Jammu-to-Srinagar railway project will be the major game changers, providing cost- and time-effective connectivity. UT is on the right track, and an industrial revolution is imminent.