Major fire in Gordi-Krimchi-Ladan forest

Excelsior Correspondent

Major fire in Gordi-Krimchi-Ladan forest.
Major fire in Gordi-Krimchi-Ladan forest.

UDHAMPUR, June 12: The massive fire that broke out in Gordi-Krimchi-Ladan forest area of Gordi-Pancheri block in Udhampur on last Tuesday, today engulfed a vast area.
The forest fire has engulfed a large number of small and large trees in an area of around five kilometer in Gordi, three kilometer in Krimchi  and six kilometer in Ladan areas, official sources said.
The Fire Brigade  with the help of locals and other agencies was trying its best to control the fire to some extent when the last reports came in while exact loss of wood in the fire could not be ascertained. A number of wild animals are also feared to get charred in the devastating fire.
Reports said that the forest fire has started on last Tuesday and before it could be controlled, the blazes had spread to a vast area.
Today, the Fire tenders managed to douse flames in outer portion of the forest in Gordi but the fire was still spreading in the interiors.


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