Mahatma Ke Mahatma

Refer news item Yughpurush: Mahatma Ke Mahatma published in the Daily  Excelsior dt  May 5,2017, I would like to submit that the play performed on the stage of the Zorawar Singh Auditorium of University of Jammu, was very impressive and magical. But so far as the plot of the play was concerned, the real character and spiritual personality of Yug Purush Shrimad Rajchander,  was presented by invoking Mohan Dass Karam Chand Gandhi who happened to be his close disciple . In other words, the  character of Gandhi Ji was brought in as a support to present the real picture of a great Gujrati saint Shrimad  Rajchander which could have been avoided. Direct attempt could have been made in the play to put the message of Shrimad Rajchander , a great Mahatma in front of audience without involving any other historical character .Further, in the play when Gandhi receives three bullets from the killer, the circumstances that led the killer to kill Gandhi were not highlighted but deliberately avoided.Next so far as the lesson of Ahimsa learnt by Gandhi Ji from Shrimad Ramchander is concerned,  it was never mentioned how in hostile situations the enemy holding guns and stones can be stopped from making an assault on humanity with the weapon of Ahimsa and also if India won independence through Ahimsa of Gandhi or the might shown by Subash Chander Bose , Bhagat Singh and others or the hostile economic conditions which  Great Britain faced due to the  Second World War.
Yours etc….
Maharaj Krishen
Koul Naqaib,
Durganagar, Sec 1 Jammu.


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