M P Birla Planetarium to go digital for Rs 30 crore

KOLKATA, Jan 25:
M P Birla Planetarium, the second largest in the world has started a Rs 30 crore modernisation programme to install a modern digital projection system.
To be ready in nine months, the new hybrid projection system comprising opto-mechanical and digital projection will produce a unique depiction of the cosmos and treat celestial lovers with a never-seen-before visual experience of the heavens above.
“We would now be able to show our visitors images recorded by some of the world’s most advanced telescopes like those of NASA. Any visitor could be transported to the distant corner of the universe and feel as if they are seeing a galaxy, the moon or other celestial objects from a very close distance,” Dr Debiprosad Duari, director, M P Birla Planetarium said.
They will also install a new projection dome, built in the US which will give visitors a unique immersive experience.
Manufactured by German company Carl Zeiss, the digital projectors will provide the most vivid and colourful images of celestial objects and events.
The opto-mechanical projector will provide a brilliant depiction of the night sky as seen by a human eye.
Built in 1962, the planetarium is the oldest one in Asia and the second largest in the world. A landmark in Kolkata, it attracts close to seven lakh visitors annually.
To make way for the makeover, it will be closed to the public for a period of nine months from this Tuesday.
In addition to modernisation of the projection system, the planetarium is also going to have a face lift with better facilities like a new gallery.
The planetarium will once again throw its doors open to visitors from October this year. (PTI)


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