Loco-pilots, trackmen can now seek physiotherapy, occupational therapy in CGHS empanelled hospitals

NEW DELHI, Nov 2: Loco-pilots, trackmen and gangmen can now seek physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy in central government empanelled hospitals as part of an effort by the railways to increase safety norms, a senior official said Saturday.
These treatments are currently not available for railway staffers and they are also not reimbursed for them by the national transporter if they seek treatment outside.
“A large number of drivers, trackmen and gangmen were found to be suffering from these issues. We decided it was necessary to ensure that they get the best treatment available as passenger safety depends on them.
“Now, they can not only be referred to any CGHS empanelled hospital, they will also be reimbursed accordingly. In fact, the new order even allows them to seek treatment at home,” a senior official said.
Around 70 lakh beneficiaries of the railways will be benefitted by the move, especially the drivers, trackmen and gangmen, who spend long hours on the tracks and are particularly vulnerable to these ailments.
This is also the first time that the railways has recognised all the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) empanelled hospitals for referral of railway medical beneficiaries.
To get treated, all the employee has to do is get a referral signed by the railway hospital. Then he can continue his treatment at a CGHS approved hospital, healthcare centre or get himself treated at home. His treatment will be cashless in this case.
He can also seek a referral later, in which case, he will be reimbursed later. (PTI)


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