Lockdown in Delhi extended by week

NEW DELHI, Apr 25: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today announced extension of the ongoing lockdown in Delhi for another week, saying the severity of COVID-19 was unabated and positivity rate has been as high as 36 percent in the last few days.

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The lockdown imposed on April 19 night will now continue till 5 am on May 3, he said. It was scheduled to end at 5 am on April 26 before extension.
“We will have to watch the situation for a few more days whether the cases decrease or increase,” he said.
The Chief Minister said the onslaught of Coronavirus has not subsided even as the Government had imposed six days lockdown as a last weapon in its arsenal.
“Everybody voted for extension of lockdown. The positivity rate reached up to 36-37 percent in past few days although it has slightly dipped now. It is around 29 percent today,” he said.
To keep watch on oxygen availability, the Delhi Government has decided that the manufacturers, suppliers and hospitals will update supply and consumption data every two hours on a portal set up by it.
He said the Centre has further increased Delhi’s oxygen quota by 10 tonnes per day and hoped the chaotic situation due to oxygen crisis in Delhi will end in a few days.
“The Centre has increased Delhi’s quota from 480 tonnes to 490 tonnes per day. But, we are yet to receive full quota. Currently only 330-335 tonnes per day supply is being received by us,” he said. (PTI)