Let us not “violate” River Tawi

To live in complete harmony with nature and its various boons granted to people to use and benefit from has been a traditional ancient Indian way of living which due to fast urbanisation, increasing population and race for all round development have led to violation of such boons like rivers, lakes etc. Why have we been worshipping rivers and dedicating days and auspicious occasions exclusively for river worshipping except to imbibe in the minds of the people that a worshipped symbol or object could never ever be violated. That would amount to committing of a sin . That primarily was a tradition to preserve and maintain such rivers all for the benefit of mankind. Now such occasions are there just in a symbolic manner and that is the tragedy. When we watch Yamuna river invaded with toxic froth like a thick carpet of bales of white cotton over its surface , it seems the river is pathetically crying for its very survival, we must in Jammu, therefore, feel quite concerned about River Tawi.
Though the position is not that alarming but right from the Tawi bridge itself , we can see how garbage and other waste material are dumped in it from both sides . We also watch helplessly how numerous drains and untreated water flows down into it and pollutes it. We also watch how vehicles are washed on its banks. These acts of muddying and polluting it are nothing less than violating its sanctity which nature otherwise has provided to us in neat, clean and pristine form.
Had both the Governments from time to time and the people as well realised the importance of this river, it could have been in a better position thus flowing quite majestically through Jammu city and onwards. On both its sides, measures of beautifying its banks and aforestation drive would have added lustre to its importance , sheen and utility. Still, it is not that late so as not to have our approach to such precious rather priceless boons of nature changed and thus our rivers, lakes, canals , forests, and the like saved and preserved , their sanctity and blessedness realised and carried forward to generations by solid actions and by words of mouth in traditional ways otherwise it would be all round perilous and no less than an imminent doom for all.