Let nation march ahead

K K Gandotra

The issue of Kashmir has been made a complicated issue since Islamabad has not yet complied with the UN resolution till date. It is well known an open fact that Pakistan is a aggressor and has forcibly occupied the territory of Jammu & Kashmir state in the year 1948  viz  Muzafrabad , Kargil and Balistan area which were parts of  Jammu & Kashmir State in 1947 at the time of India’s partition. UN resolution reiterates this.

When ever talk takes place this point should be made clear to Islamabad. None of Kashmiri leader has ever spoken about this.  Even migrants of these places have not been given any voting right and other facilities which are available to residents of Jammu & Kashmir state. The present leading parties in Jammu & Kashmir state are Kashmir based parties and have their own interests not the development and welfare of the people of state. They have not given the legitimate rights to the displaced persons of these areas yet.

Neither these parties when in power have submitted  the account of money                                                                                                                                                                                received  from  Central  Government in spite of repeated reminders from central Government. Simply the statements of Kashmiri leaders are there of not receiving aid from central Government. The amount of money received against flood relief has yet to be accounted for.                                                                                                            Kargil Crisis exposed many fold dimensions not only on our security but the lapses of our successive Governments since Independence. It appears New Delhi is not aware of topography of Jammu & Kashmir State and is always led by political decisions without giving much thought on the scales of militancy operations carried out by our neighbour which results in large scale killing of our civilian as well as military personnel. Only standard statements by political party in power and others are issued as & when ever there are such attacks. No concrete results on ground only lip sympathy. As is said it is ‘Old Wine in New Bottle’. No one is prepared to read the history from the period 1947- 2014 of this hostile neighbour what to talk of reading Indian History before that period. It has to be understood clearly that Islamabad is not prepared for a pragmatic solution of this problem. Just to sum up the important events since partition in August 1947 are enumerated here as under:-

Tribal intrusion into Jammu & Kashmir in 1948 backed by Pakistan army.  Inaction by our Political Masters by  issuing instructions to Army to stop marching beyond Uri / Domail.Thus getting complete area of Jammu & Kashmir state vacated.

Withdrawal of our ‘Defence Forces’ from Tibet without understanding its implication. Late Field Marshal General K.M.Karippa expressed his displeasure on this decision. He was curtly replied and told that military brain cannot think beyond this. In 1962 Chinese aggression took place and late Field Marshal replied that military brain thinks ahead before the crises arises, keeping integrity of the country in view.

Blindly signing Indus water Treaty with Pakistan in the year 1960 by our Prime Minister and President of Pakistan with out safeguarding our interests and especially of Jammu & Kashmir state.

Again with the two wars with Pakistan in 1965 and 1971 when India was in commanding position it handed over the regained territory to Pakistan on a platter including handing over 90,000 prisoners of war  taken during the 1971 war. Thus ignoring the bloodshed of our Jawans and officers of armed forces. The political will of New Delhi was utterly lacking to resolve burning Kashmir issue.

No lesson was learnt by New Delhi of Kargil war and invited President of Pakistan knowing very well that he refused to salute our Prime Minister when he went to Lahore by bus to improve relations but alas Kargil war was thrust on us engineered by him. He was given red carpet welcome & hospitality.

In spite of all this Agra talks failed miserably both sides accusing each other.

The proxy war led by Pakistan in Jammu & Kashmir and increased activities of I.S.I. in the country needs special immediate attention.

The problem of minority community from Kashmir who migrated from Kashmir to Jammu and other parts of the country in organising circumstances in the year 1990 has not been resolved yet. No amicable solution has been found yet though more than 25 years have passed.

The law of the land ‘No Work No Pay’ principle should be strictly applied to Parliamentarian as well as to the Members of State Assemblies since Power, Authority & Position is vested with the Chair who occupies it along with the responsibility. They should behave responsibly so that the welfare of people is taken care of who have elected them to the august House/Assemblies to look after their problems. They are paid by the exchequer and have all the facilities at their command along with their family members.

They should set an example of their conduct, courteous behavior, obedience, honesty, integrity, dedication, loyalty and other good qualities since these qualities flow from ‘TOP To Bottom’ and not from ‘Bottom Top’ as such lead others to follow them..

It is high time that Central and State Governments seriously think to resolve the burning issues facing the common man like drinking water, education, medical facilities, Housing, Unemployment, Justice, law and order and  other relevant issues instead of creating chaos and ugly scenes in Parliament and in State Assemblies.

Let wisdom prevail to our Political Masters who are supreme and constitution gives them the power but has also the responsibility for  the  welfare of people to  resolve their day to day problems so as to ensure that Nation marches ahead so that common man’s interest are safe guarded.

Let us do our duty in supporting Shri Narendra Modi our Hon’ble Prime Minister in his endeavor “Sab Ka Sath, Sab Ka Vikas”.

Let us arise above petty politics, caste and regional politics and other small and petty issues. “Let Us Arise, Awake and Stop Not Till The Goal is Reached” said Swami Vivekananda.



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