Legislators fail electorate

Please refer to the news”BJP conducts  MLAs, MLCs meet” published in this paper on July 1, 2018.
The legislators are the representatives of the people and it is their basic duty to visit their respective areas not only to show the presence but also to solve the genuine problems of the people. But to my own observations and experience most of the legislators often forget the promises made with their respective electorate and don’t bother to meet people. The poor people often remain chasing and searching their MLAs MLCs for the solution of their problems but they get nothing except despair and frustration, with the results,  they start criticising and cursing the legislators. It is also found that some legislators have developed a long distance from the people. Consequently, the people lose  faith in their legislators.  There are street talks about non performance of the legislators which is not a good indication.
I would  like to invite the attention of our  MLA Nowshera towards some most genuine and burning problems of our villages Bagnoti and Chakjaralan. As already told and discussed many times we need drinking water supply on regular basis, the link road connecting Bagnoti Market with village Nala and Chakjaralan needs immediate repair and maintenance. But all in vain till date. Besides, the useless tall and old eculyptus trees growing on the land of Panchayat Chakjaralan need to be removed immediately because of the fact that the 11KV HT line is passing below these trees which can break and fall upon the HT to create a havoc in the area. Besides, the construction work of some paths and roads is also lying pending and needs immediate attention.
Hope for a positive response and consideration in the best interest of people and politicians.
O P Sharma
Bagnoti Nowshera


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