Landslides on National Highway

During rainy season or otherwise because of unexpected heavy showers , the National Highway from Jammu to Srinagar gets landslides on it at certain weak points  and the traffic on this busiest national highway gets affected. Many passengers who otherwise would have been home get stranded either enroute or at Jammu and Srinagar . Many vehicles get stuck up on the way resulting more inconvenience on the road itself than those who cannot proceed from Jammu and Srinagar respectively to and fro. It is beyond doubt that some alternate arrangements must be made for enabling them reach their homes. Those who at both the stations can afford to stay with some friends or affordable lodges must not squat at Bus stands and make way for only those who cannot afford to hire a room in some lodge. The Government must construct some Sarai type of temporary shelters to such stranded passengers of course for use only at such unforeseen occasions. This must be Government’s priority. And what about Mughal Road on which lot of money has been spent , why not open traffic on that road to help such stranded passengers reach their respective destinations? What for was that road constructed? Anyway, such stranded passengers as always must be air lifted through army aircraft after paying the affordable reasonable cost. Our Army is always there to help people in trouble.
Yours etc….
Deepak Sachdeva
Bakshi Nagar, Jammu


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