Lakhs of devotees throng Jagannath temple

PURI, Nov 5: Lakhs of devotees witnessed the “Thiakia vesha” of Lord Jagannath on the first day of Panchuka today.
The last five days of the Kartik month which began on Friday are considered most auspicious. The Trinity, the three presiding deities of Jagannath temple, takes new vesha during these five days.
Devotees who were unable to observe the full month Kartik fast observe the last five days called ‘Panchuka’.
The queue of the devotees was about one kilometre long.
The month-long Kartik brata, which began on October 10, will conclude on November 8 with deities adorning Rajrajeswar Vesha (Sunavesha) on the Purnima day. (UNI)