Korean delegation visits Ayodhya to remember old ties

AYODHYA, Mar 13: A 28-member delegation from Korea today arrived at this religious spot, which happens to the birth place of Lord Ram, reviving its age-old long association with the city.

The delegation led by Kim Mun Sek came here to pay floral tributes at the memorial of their royal ancestor Queen Huh Wang Ock.

According to a senior official, one Korean delegation would visit Ayodhya every year to commemorate Queen Huh, which would further strengthen the relation between India and Korea.

The association of Ayodhya and Korea dates back to 2000 years.

A 16-year-old princess from Ayodhya, accompanied by her brother, had sailed from India for Korea.

Her Korean name was Huh Wang-Ock and she had wedded King Kim Suro, founder of the ancient Korean kingdom of Karack.

The King had built a temple at the place where they had first met.

Her memorial was built at Ram Katha park in Naya ghat at the banks of river Saryu on March 6, 2001. (UNI)


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