Kashmir Resolution

Apropos to the ‘Straight Talk’ by Mr. K B Jandial, titled, “Modi wins all rounds, not yet Kashmir” published on 3 October 2019, I have to state that there are bigger challenges to the Modi government, to face in the coming days.
If not 72 years of Kashmir, in today’s India, we should dissect 30 years of Jammu & Kashmir State’s domination, law, patronage, political practice, politics and polity.
The extreme disorder or chaos altered a section of the society to create a mayhem. This section of the society was raised in numbers by the political hypocrisy of the political activists. The gullible were misled. The fundamentalists got an open ground for the radicalisation of Kashmiris. Kashmiris were also radicalised by the governance because of biases, favouritism and corruption. Though pan-Islamic movement can not be overruled. The onslaught of fundamentalism has reduced the valley to a sanctuary for worst type of terrorism. The worst type of terrorism shook the very foundation of the socio-political system of the land. Concept of co-existence has been uprooted.
To correct the faux pas is the biggest challenge for the Indian State. Other challenge is to bring the disorderly society to mainstream of India Nation. Persons in the corridors of power has to address Pakistan’s political ills and their army’s chauvinism.
What about mindsets of radicalised persons, can they be de-radicalised?. This is the biggest question. Till the gullible population of Kashmir don’t fall prey to deceitful politicians, nothing seems to change. Mr. Jandial refers to new younger generation. Will ever, in the valley, evolve a leadership, laudable in talking about real character of Kashmir and Kashmiris.
For last seven decades, the political parties in Kashmir have distanced Kashmiris from New Delhi. Mr. Jandial has not answered, if this problem can be solved diplomatically by Government of India or problem is to be solved economically. A few political measures are taken, is it sufficient to change the attitude or behaviourism of the population of the valley.
However, I have liked the optimism of Mr. K B Jandial in his write up.
Vijay Kashkari
New Delhi


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