JTC holds protest, reiterates demands

JTC members staging protest at Jammu on Monday.
JTC members staging protest at Jammu on Monday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Nov 20: Jagti Tenement Committee (JTC), Soan Kashmir Front J&K, today staged a protest demanding the BJP Government in the Centre to fulfill the demands of the Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) as soon as possible.
Addressing media persons during the protest, JTC president Shadi Lal Pandita said that BJP has ruined the KPs by using them all over the country only for its interests. “While the BJP came into the power in Centre by doing politics on the dead bodies of the KPs but their Government did not do a single thing for them,” he added.
Highlighting the demands of the KP community, Shadi Lal Pandita demanded removal of illegal encroachments on the land of KPs in Kashmir valley, settle them in Valley as soon as possible by creating three satellite townships, compensate them for the losses of 33 years of land/other properties and enhancement of monthly cash relief from 13,000 to 25,000 per family per month.
Pandita also stressed on providing at least 20,000 jobs to unemployed educated KP Youth, holding on-spot police recruitment rally in Jagti township, providing interest -free loans up to Rs 25 lakh to over- aged youth to establish their business, rebuilding of the burnt and demolished temples of KPs, reservation of five Assembly seats and two Parliament seats for KPs and minority status to them (KPs) in Kashmir valley.