John Mayer not burden by expectations anymore

Singer-songwriter John Mayer says he is in a happy space right now as he has made peace with himself and will not let expectations pull him down.
The 39-year-old musician says he knows what he wants from his life and is taking necessary steps to achieve it, reported GQ Style magazine.
“The reason I’m so happy now is because a lot of expectation that I had for myself was probably a little bit unnecessary. I have a perfect image of ambition and reward for my life right now. I know what to expect, I know how much I should be asking for when I knock on the door, and I get it,” Mayer says.
The “Free Fallin'” singer says he now understands what his “vision” is.
“Yeah, there’s nothing in my life that doesn’t feel good. I’m not being pushed into battle, I’m leading the charge. Because I understand what my vision is – and yes, I believe we can still use the word vision,” he said. (PTI)


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