JKTJAC demands resolution of issues of teaching fraternity

Excelsior Correspondent
UDHAMPUR, Feb 5: Jammu Kashmir Teachers’ Joint Action Committee (JKTJAC) held monthly meeting, here today under the leadership of UT President Vinod Sharma and highlighted burning issues of the teaching fraternity besides seeking attention of the LG administration for resolution of the same.
Demanding provision of comprehensive transfer policy in favour of teachers appointed under ReT scheme, Vinod Sharma said that these teachers have been working in the same schools for last more than 20 years even after the clear directions from High Court and CAT that after their regularisation as General Line Teachers, ReT teachers be transferred within the district.
He also demanded implementation of Old Pension Scheme in favour of New Pension Scheme employees of the UT as NPS scheme is not employee friendly .
Other demands raised in the meeting were; consideration of mutual transfer cases of 3rd Teachers, ReTs appointed under Order No. 635 and ReTs appointed under clear vacancies like that of Teachers Grade II/III; more DPC of Teachers to Masters; regularisation of ReTs who have completed 5 years ReT period and conversion of RRETs to Teachers Grade II/III; regularisation of Headmasters as same hasn’t been done since 2012, conversion of Headteachers posts into non plan posts of Masters to resolve the salary issue of the Masters and provision of release of more than two years arrears of Teachers/ Masters.
The meeting was attended by Sham Sharma, Ashok Seth, Pritam Goswami, Shamsher Singh, Jagdish Chander Sharma, Suresh Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, Vipin Raina, Anil Sharma, Sham Singh, Swarn Singh, Binder Kumar, Ajay Thakur, Uttam Singh, Sham Singh, Parshant Sharma, Pama Chand, Sudesh Kumar, Sushma Kumari, Mohd Mustafa, Satpal Sharma and others.