Jaya irked at inclusion of BSF Act amendment in supplimentary agenda

CHENNAI, Apr 20: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa has taken exception to the Centre introducing the issue of amendments to the BSF Act, 1968, in the supplimentary agenda at the Chief Minister’s conference held in New Delhi earlier this week.
In another demi official letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Sigh, copy of which was released to the media this morning, Ms Jayalalithaa said “I wish to categorically register my disapproval of the manner in which the subject was sought to be introduced as a supplementary agenda item.”
She said in the context of the Conference, she wished to highlight that the issue concerning the amendments to the BSF Act, 1968 was contained in the Supplementary Agenda notes and they reached the Chief Ministers present at the conference only on the day of the meet.
‘Hence my views expressed at the Conference did not carry my state’s response to this matter’, she pointed out.
The members of the Rajya Sabha had as early as on the March 29 this yer, requested that the subject be discussed in the Conference of Chief Ministers. With more than two weeks at the Centre’sdisposal, she was surprised that the Ministry of Home Affairs had proposed this as a supplementary agenda item.
‘The provisions of the proposed amendments to the BSF Act smack of a desire to smuggle in a mechanism inspired by the same goals as those behind the setting up of an operation division in the NCTC, through the back door,’ she alleged.
Ms Jayalalithaa, however, expressed happiness that based on her request, the Centre directed the Union Home Minister to convene a separate meeting of Chief Ministers to discuss matters concerning the NCTC on May 5 in New Delhi.
“Since the amendments proposed to the BSF Act seem to have a similar motive, it would be appropriate if these are also discussed at the same Conference”, she suggested. (UNI)


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