Jammu Railway Station

I want to bring to the notice of concerned authorities the horrible condition of Jammu Tawi Railway  Station. Jammu railway station is considered the gateway of J&K State. People from all over the country come to our State as tourists to enjoy their vacations or to go to Vaishno Devi. As soon as they come to the Jammu  station and get down to enter the city of temples they find the station in a shabby state,  unclean and rubbish lying every where. The very first impression they get is that they have made a mistake by choosing Jammu as their holiday destination and make plan to shorten their stay in the State as much as possible so that they can breathe clean air after leaving the State.
A few days back I had to go to the station to receive a friend who was coming from Mumbai to visit Shri Vaishno Devi shrine in Katra. I was shocked to find the State of Jammu station. The platforms were dirty, railway lines in station were so bad that one can’t even look at them. I really wonder what the authorities of Jammu Tawi railway station are doing. It is absolutely shameful to draw heavy pay packets and do nothing. How can these officials justify the big amount of money they are receiving as pay and in turn giving back nothing to the people who are contributing to their life style by giving taxes.
It is high time that the authorities wake up and start doing their bit otherwise they will have to answer to some one. I really hope that the Railways will be privatized one day and these officials will definitely learn how to earn their money. It is indeed very sad to know that people from other states get a very bad impression of our otherwise a beautiful state just by looking at our station.
Yours etc…
Goverdhan Singh


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