Jammu province deprived of sports facilities

Tarun Uppal
Sports infrastructure plays a crucial role in achieving excellence in the global arena of sports. It not only helps in producing sports persons of international repute, but also encourages the young population of a country to participate in sporting activities with the objective of creating a culturing of sports.
In Jammu & Kashmir, the standard of sports infrastructure is not at a satisfactory level for a number of reasons. The lack of infrastructural facilities is one of the major constraints in the process of development of sports in J&K.
The youth of Jammu region are facing severe hardships due to the Kashmir centric policies of successive government. The politicians as well as leaders of successive government were most focused about the Valley which leads to the discrimination with the youth of Jammu province in terms of sports as well as educational facilities. All the funds sanctioned from centre are being used only for the development in the Valley.
The discrimination with the youth of Jammu region is clearly seen. The only stadium of Jammu which was contructed in 1962 is in a pathetic condition since years with no standard facilities.
About eight years ago, a foundation stone of indoor sports complex was laid which is still in the same position. There is no functional gym in the stadium for the sports person. Even the depth of only swimming pool in MAM Stadium is 5.5ft to 10ft which cannot be used by the kids and new learners. Lakhs of rupees as fee are collected from the youth but their are no such facilities. The Central Government had sanctioned funds in the past but unfortunately nothing has been done in this regard.
At present, as proposed by the Centre, stadium has to be demolished for the construction of international stadium ,a fund of Rs 47 crore was released but the authorities at the helm of affairs is renovating the same. This will bring invitation to the mishap in the future as the 56 years old pillars of spectator stand are being repaired only instead of being newly constructed and the walls are being plastered. On the contrary, Srinagar Division of J&K Sports State Council has started the construction of new stadium.
There is no football Astroturf in Jammu where as Srinagar have installed two football turfs. Jammu’s only KK Hakku Stadium of hockey is also facing the ire of sports authorities. The Astro turf which have a life of 7 years was installed in hockey stadium about 19 years ago decrying immediate concerned of the department.
For the players of Srinagar division, all weather swimming pool is available to boost the spirit of youth in sports whereas Jammu is still lacking behind.
During the regime of National Conference, about 625 kanals of land was identified for stadium in Jammu and also Rs 100 crore funds were sanctioned in first phase but the work is still pending.
If we talk about cricket ratio, it’s 10:3 in selection process for Jammu region because of the partiality. Later this year, all the selectors from Jammu Kashmir Cricket Association resigned due to the interference of Irfan Pathan who is a player as well as mentor in JKCA in selection process. It resulted in the hiring of selectors from other regions and only three selections were done from Jammu District.
Even the State Football Academy is more focused in Kashmir, Rs 2 crore funds are allocated to the academy they are even partial in Jammu district. As there is no turf in Jammu region, Udhampur or Reasi,
Jammu people are being ignored especially the youth as the future of our nation is in dark due to the negligence of Government.”
It is a pity that majority of the children going to schools in India does not get the opportunity to take part in sports due to the lack of infrastructure or even open spaces. The Government must take a serious note of the aforesaid issues so that the youth would get their genuine share.


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