Jain Sadhvi Saumyaji completes 1008 Ayambil fasts

MUMBAI, Apr 8 : Jain sadhvi Saumyaji Mahasatiji, revered as Maha Tapasvi, was felicitated here on Tuesday for completing 1008 Ayambil fasts. Ayambil is a type of a Jaina external ‘taap’, scientifically designed to give benefits to mind, body and soul.  Ayambil is the penance of controlling taste. The fast of Ayambil is observed to attain spiritual upliftment through the achievement of victory over taste and to shed karmic bondage. Shri Navpad Ayambil Oli is a festival of 9 days, that comes twice in the year, celebrating and paying homage to the Navpad. It falls between the 7th day of the lunar month to the full moon day of the Chaitra (March/April) and Ashwina (October/November) months. The function was held at the Jio World Centre in the Bandra Kurla Complex. The event featured recitation of the powerful mantra-sadhana of Uvasaggaharam Stotra, led by Param Gurudev.  Director of Reliance Industries Ltd.  Anant Ambani, sent across his humble gratitude and heartfelt ahobhaav towards Param Gurudev.  “The inspiration that you give that may no living being get hurt, may no living being be harmed; if every Indian starts thinking in this manner, our nation will witness unprecedented success! I feel truly blessed that you have graced our Jio World Centre today,” he said.

Attendees were immersed in soulful performances by renowned artists Kailash Kher, Parthiv Gohil, and Geetaben Rabari. The stirring musical drama, ‘Main Bezubaan Hu, Bejaan Nahi,’ gave a strong message of vegetarianism. The evening witnessed the launch of an expansive ‘Param Animal Hospital’ dedicated to treat and heal diseased, injured and disabled animals. (UNI)