Issueless Cong leaders making false statements: Balbir

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Feb 9: State BJP has expressed dismay over Congress leaders indulging in petty politics by making baseless statements against the BJP only to remain in limelight and seek their survival in the political scenario in the State. Congress leaders must learn to respect the mandate of the people in favour of BJP and play healthy politics instead of making false and baseless accusations, party State spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan said today.
It has become a routine practice for some leaders of Congress to issue statements on daily basis for their political survival. People also realize that it is nothing but the reflection of their deep frustration as they have been turned issueless and cannot digest this fact that the BJP in the coalition is doing well and people in all the three regions are endorsing policies of the alliance Government.
Balbir Ram Rattan reminded these leaders that the BJP won 25 Assembly seats in the last elections, which itself speak that it was the mandate of the people who wanted to bring in a party which could work to eradicate corruption and provide good governance. He said that the accusations of Congress leaders that the BJP has surrendered for power are nothing but display of deep frustration as they have left with no issue now to level against BJP and its coalition Government.
Balbir further said that by making such false charges against BJP, the Congress leaders are in fact insulting the verdict of the people, who had been giving Congress one opportunity after the other during the last so many decades with the high hopes of getting a people oriented, accountable, transparent and development based Government but nothing of such kind was witnessed, which forced the people to shift their loyalty towards BJP as they were convinced that only this party has the will and commitment to fulfil their aspirations and dreams.


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