ISRO planning to launch French satellite SPOT 7 on June 26

CHENNAI, June 13:
ISRO is planning to launch its next rocket PSLV C23 carrying a French remote sensing satellite SPOT 7, along with four others from Sriharikota spaceport on June 26, a senior official said today.
“As of now, we have scheduled the launch of PSLV C23 at 9.50 am on June 26. A 52-hour countdown has been planned, which would commence at 6 am on June 24,” the ISRO official told.
SPOT 7 is an Earth observing satellite, similar to Indian Remote Satellite System (IRSS), he said, adding four other satellites would also be launched on the same day.
This time around, ISRO would use the core-only edition of the launch vehicle PSLV, he said.
Asked if there would be any change in the date of launch, he said the date and time also depend on the availability of VIPs, if any, witnessing the launch.
The satellites would be integrated with the launch vehicle on June 16 and heat shield check would be performed on June 18.
Known for its expertise in launching PSLVs with smaller payloads up to 1,600 kg, the national space agency ISRO has earned a name in the space industry, attracting huge sum to the country as foreign exchange. (PTI)


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