‘Irrespective of religion, region we are proud Indians’

Martyr’s father to join BJP in PM’s rally

Sanjeev K. Sharma
Jammu, Feb 2: After his son rendered supreme sacrifice while serving the motherland, Ch Mohammad Hanief-60, is now all set to ‘serve the people of his nation’ by joining active politics.
Hanief-father of Martyr Army Jawan, Ch Aurengzeb, said his blood boils when he remembers the ‘coward act of inhuman terrorists’ who tortured his valiant son to death.
“Had I have a gun with me, I would have taught a strict lesson to those coward terrorists,” Hanief, who served Indian army for 17 long years before he retired as a Havaldar told this reporter in an exclusive interview with EXCELSIOR.
On separatist voices from certain pockets in Kashmir, he said, “Only a handful of mainstream politicians and wicked separatists in connivance with Pakistan are spreading misinformation with intensions to defame our nation but this will never happen as youth like Aurengzeb will never let such evil designs to be materialised.”
He further said: “We can decide and solve Kashmir on our own and there is no need to involve Pakistan in it as the wicked neighbour has only unleashed bloodshed and devastation here.”
“During my service in Indian Army I travelled the length and breadth of my country and I am well versed with the rich culture of brotherhood existing here,” Hanief said adding that his son sacrificed his life for his nation and its people.
“Irrespective of our religion or region we are proud Indians,” the retired army-man further said.
He also said that youth of Jammu division are keen to serve their motherland by joining defence and security forces.
“Intimidations and threats kept pouring in for me via social media after my son was martyred in Kashmir but I never paid any heed,” Hanief said having all praises for Indian army.
“Army is serving in excellent way here. They (army) served all the visitors at my home with food, tea etc for 40 days where atleast 500 people daily visited my place after my son rendered supreme sacrifice,” he informed.
Hanief’s village Salani in Mendhar area of border district Poonch has 90 percent men either serving in army or security forces.
Father of the martyr had a word of praise for Art of Living-an organisation founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
“Sanjay Ji and Ajay Ji of Art of Living mostly visit our place and guide our boys to work for the welfare of nation and society,” he informed.
Of his remaining five sons, one more is serving in army and the remaining four are students.
Both of his daughters are married to army-men.
Hanief informed that they are four brothers where one is serving in BSF, one was killed by militants and the fourth one stays at home and he is eldest of all.
Louding PM Modi and BJP he said, it was only BJP that reached out to him and helped him in all ways when his son was martyred.
Hanief had all praises for PM Modi and said that tomorrow his dream to meet PM Modi will come true and he will join the saffron party from there itself along with his nears and dears.
It is pertinent to mention here that PM Modi is visiting J&K tomorrow where he will address a rally in district Samba.
“BJP has done all good work for this nation and I should have joined it 20 years back,” he asserted rueing lack of development in his area since independence.
“I am keen to serve my people and they fully support me,” he stated adding: “I like Modi Ji and his nationalism.”
Without naming Congress he said, the so called secular parties are ‘politically secular’ and not secular in letter and spirit.
Taking a dig at NC, PDP and Congress he said that the trio have messed J&K.
“They used us every time and after winning forgot us,” Ch Hanief concluded.


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