Insult to Indians

Shiban Khaibri
Which guest  to invite and whom to ignore to attend any social, cultural or religious function which is private and personal is the prerogative and the choice of the host and neither can anyone have  any right to interfere therein nor can one be interested and bothered about the issue. The public, however,  cannot help evincing interest when a host from a public platform or from a religious seat for and on  behalf of a section of the society, takes a decision which is dictated by  hate and  apartheid against a prospective and otherwise most eligible guest. The public starts getting more interested to know as to why  an Indian living in India , breathing Indian air, drinking Indian water, eating Indian food , taking birth and dying  in India  and not only that, under the constitution of India  enjoying fundamental rights , guarantees , protection, security, justice and what not, should invite the  Prime Minister of a neighbouring country but not his own country’s Prime Minister to attend a public event of which he is wholly in  charge.
It can happen in India is unbelievable, more so against the Prime Minister who is occupying the most powerful office as per the constitution of India and is duly elected by crores of Indians as their leader. This needs to  be taken seriously and not only merely ritually condemned  but  properly exposed. Syed Ahmed Bukhari, the  “Shahi” Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid is holding an event of anointing his son  on Nov 22, as the next incumbent to the seat of lmam of the  362 years old  Masjid . Interestingly but astonishingly, Bukhari has invited more than 2000 guests including 200 foreign dignitaries to take part in the investiture ceremony of his son, among whom is the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif. Bukhari has, however, not invited the Prime Minister of his own country and not only that, he has chosen the occasion to “justify” his action and tried to malign the Prime Minister with allegations entirely unsubstantiated. He has shown brazenly and overtly that he, though an Indian citizen and living in India, is in fact idealizing Pakistan. He vain fully wants to prove right by “certifying”‘ that “Indian Muslims do not trust Modi and that there is Khalish  (or emotional anger ) in the hearts of Muslims against him”. He further dives in the imaginary world by discovering that, “He has totally ignored Muslims of India.” In other words, he tries to put blame on the Prime Minister by hovering around the so called discrimination theory while at the same time, projects himself as the sole champion of and spokesperson for the Muslims of India. On analysis and seeing its purity on the touch stone of factual scrutiny, his both contentions come to naught and are simply ridiculous. He further plunges into a diatribe of calling him a representative of “only one tabqa (or group of people)”. Again there can be nothing far from the truth than this unfounded blame.
He must be grateful to the magnanimity of the democratic set up of this country unlike most of the Islamic countries including his favoured Pakistan for facing no action when in Dec 2001 in an interview with a national TV channel, he declared “Osama Bin Laden as innocent and not guilty in the eyes of Muslims”. How can he claim Pakistani Prime Minister as a friend and worthy to be invited over an event that takes place in India and not his own country’s Prime Minister when very recently that country killed our innocent civilians with mortar shelling and firing continuously for days together at our borders in Jammu and Kashmir sector under the very nose of Nawaz Sharif? How can he afford to send invitation to a country which adopts hate, jihad and proxy war against this country as a state policy and engages in our country and on our soil, separatists and India baiters to discuss its created problems for us and chalking out strategies against the interests of this country which led India cancel the bi- lateral talks. Instead of refining itself even motley, that country is always on hunt for   an opportunity to internationalize bilateral issues including the elusive “jugular vein of Pakistan” – Kashmir? How can the Imam attempt to grant greater legitimacy to Nawaz Sharif  and not to the Prime Minister of India, thus deliberately belittling own country and violating the constitution by virtue of which shri Narindra Modi is the Prime Minister of whole of the country , of all the people of the country? Is he up to a diabolical plan of showing his country in disrespect and in poor perspective before dignitaries attending the event from countries like Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh and diplomats from various countries attending the investiture ceremony of his son? Who are on the “committee of nine people” who “unanimously” chose not to invite Shri Modi and why? Imam has chosen to snub the Prime Minister purely out of prejudice and having proved a total flop as an agent of Congress Party by giving out a diktat to the Muslim community to en-mass vote for the Congress after a meeting he had with the Congress President in respect of the Lok Sabha elections of 2014. That Muslims of India are exercising their right of franchise as per their conscience based on the merit of the candidate just like other Indian citizens and have been rejecting such diktats, has rendered people who claim to be their self styled leaders like the one under reference, irrelevant which speaks for the Imam’s decision to insult Modi and extend red carpet treatment for Nawaz Sharif. This is purely a political treachery.
While watching TV debates on various channels on the topic in which some prominent Muslim leaders from political and religious fields participated, it was observed that there was all round resentment and condemnation of such an unwarranted act of the Imam of the Jama Masjid. They were unanimous in  questioning the very concept of coronation and that of the “Shahi Imam” as the term “shahi” became irrelevant after the demise  of the Mughal rule in India much before  the last representative of Mughals , Bhadur Shah Zaffar who was purely symbolic and was exiled to Rangoon (now Yangon Myanmar ) by the British. They argued that there was no legitimacy of monarchy, more so of the institution of dynastic Imam. It was also argued that Syed Bukhari was no leader of the Indian Muslims and his influence remained confined to the four walls of the historical Jama Masjid.
Pakistan has been continuously troubling India right from 1947, it is continuously making gross border violations and killing innocent Indian civilians living in border villages. Many top criminals accused of creating mayhem and acts of destruction of life and property in India are enjoying security and patronage in Pakistan. Of late, recent  revelations and confessions  made by some arrested youth have chilling reports of how ISI and  Pakistan backed forces are trying to poach on young innocent Muslim boys  as Al-Qaeda recruits to radicalize them , motivate them to leave their homes , get trainings etc for  propagating and working for Islamic caliphate and bring India under radical Islamic rule. Syed Bukhari finds Pakistan’s sponsored terrorism against us, various acts of sabotage , inhuman acts like 26/11, Kargil treachery and the like, perhaps appealing and therefore  invited  the PM of that country but by not inviting  Shri Modi has tried to snub his own country’s PM. It is blatantly a shameful and an unpatriotic act and thus an insult to 1.2 billion Indians.


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