Install new electric pole

An electric pole at Arorian Di Chapri, New Plot Jammu was broken by a rashly driven Tipper. This pole is lying dangerously. In case it is not removed at the earliest, it can cause any untoward incident. The authorities are requested to look into the matter at the earliest, and get it replaced.
Yash Paul
New Plot,
Arorian Di Chapri
Open Higher Sec  Schools at Padder
This is to bring in the notice of the Education Minister and other concerned authorities that standard of education in Padder Sub-division is very low. This is because these are not sufficient schools to cater to the needs of students community here. At present there is only one co-educational Higher Secondary School in the area which is quite away from the catchment areas due to which students of these areas have to travel 40-50Km on foot to reach the school. The catchment area includes three nullahs – Sohal, Machail and Karthaie.
These is urgent  need to open one or two Higher Sec Schools in these areas so that the student community could benefit.
Shakti Chouhan
Padder Student Welfare
Repair Thandapani – Taryath Road
Deteriorated condition of the above said road has time and again bear, explained to the  authorities concerned. But the system, as exists, no one bothers and as a result, not only the roads, many issues of public concern get ignored.   Ill maintained roads, as every one knows, result into fatal accidents and remain troublesome and inconvenient for travellers. Drainage system, generally not get done by the contractors when the roads are built, contribute is their deterioration. In total, the Deptt is fully answerable for such conditions of the roads. Since the road is in extremely broken condition due to ditches and absolutely no drainage system, it repairs on priority, is indispensible.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunderbani)
Start City Bus Service
A request is made to the J&K Transport Minister to make arrangement to start  Mini Bus (Matador) or City Bus Service from Patoli-Rehari Colony to Parade (Jammu city) via Baby Caterers Road Bakshi Nagar and vice versa, as otherwise at present there is no such matador service due to which the people of this area,  particularly elderly persons, patients and their attendants who visit Bakshi Nagar Medical College/Hospital for treatment etc are forced to walk on foot miles together on this route by facing lot of inconvenience during rainy and hot days.
Many a time, people are seen signaling on this road to take lift from private conveyances obviously in absence of any commercial service which if introduced, everyone can travel just by paying petty fare of rupees five/ten  instead of begging for lift as otherwise too private lift is  not  a substitute and solution. Why this genuine requirement of this area has remained unnoticed since long and also despite highlighting so many times by this esteemed paper is not understandable. We hope  our new Transport Minister  shall come to rescue of people of this area by introducing new route permit for Mini Bus or City Bus service from Patoli-Rehari Colony to Parade Ground Jammu via Baby Caterers Road Bakshi Nagar and vice versa for the convenience of people of this area.
A/p Rehari Jammu.
Grievances of Dream City
We the residents of Dharmal, Sector 1, Lane No. 1, 2 & 3 Ward No. 65 Dream City Jammu bring it to the kind notice of the Commissioner Jammu Municipal Corporation Jammu through this paper  that we lacking the basic facilities of Street Lights and and our roads also totally damaged. We request for immediate attention so that people are relieved of the agony they are passing through.
Dream City Dharmal
Lower Barnai, Jammu
Black-top Talab Tillo Complex road
We the residents of  Talab Tillo camp Revenue Complex Gole  Gujral Jammu bring to the notice of the concerned Department that the Revenue Complex Gole Gujral Road Talab Tillo, Jammu is in deplorable condition as big pits and holes  have developed on this road resulting in accidents. The condition of this road is so bad that the school going children find it very difficult to walk on this road, particularly, the old aged and infirm people. Not to talk of the human beings even the animals do not prefer to walk on this road. In case it is not repaired at the earliest, there are every apprehension of any accident for the vehicle coming from the opposite direction. It is, therefore requested to the concerned authorities to black top the Gole Gujral Road Revenue Complex Jammu so as to save the public from day-to-day chances of the accident which is likely to occur on this road.
Public of Govind Nagar,
Gole Gujral Revenue Complex,
Talab Tillo, Jammu


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